Assessments and Interviews during the application process:

GTIIT-AIS's Admissions Office thoroughly reviews all academic records and communicates with the previous school personnel as needed. In many cases, additional information is not required. There are times, however, when the Admissions Team does require additional assessments, information, and interviews with the applicant and parents. If additional assessments are required, parents will be expected to facilitate such assessments at their own expense.


The following assessments may be conducted upon acceptance, and in that case would be required before a student matriculates:

MAP Assessment

After admissions acceptance, GTIIT-AIS may administer the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing to new students in Grades 3-8 who do not require an EAL (English as an Additional Language) assessment. The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests intend to reflect the instructional level of each student. GTIIT-AIS may use these tests to assess incoming students and to measure growth over time on their learning path. The assessment itself is unique in that it dynamically adapts to the student's responses, accurately measuring what children know and what they are ready to learn. To find out more information about MAP assessment, please visit

EAL Assessment

Students applying to Grades 1-8 for whom English is not the first language, who have no previous experience with English, may be given an English language assessment. The assessment includes an interview and measures an applicant’s communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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