The Early Years program at GTIIT-Affiliated International School aims to nurture each child holistically by developing six key learning areas: Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Gross Motor Skills, Socio-Emotional Development, Aesthetics and Creative Expression and Discovery of the World. Our inquiry-based, integrated curriculum boosts children’s confidence and curiosity through exploration, investigation and questioning. The curriculum guides children in their cognitive, socio-cultural, physical, and emotional awareness and development, and helps them become active participants in the world around them.

Teachers make space for authentic learning to take place by engaging children in a purposeful, play-based learning environment. Units are carefully designed to give children an age-appropriate, in-depth understanding of concepts, skills, and issues which they can apply in their daily activities. Teachers serve as facilitators of children’s learning, ensuring the children are the constructors of their own knowledge.

The curriculum takes into consideration a variety of learning styles and developmental levels, allowing room for children to grow in a communal social context. The environment inspires children to construct knowledge and work collaboratively, make connections, and acknowledge different points of view while learning to analyze the cause and effect of occurrences and actions.

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GTIIT-AIS seeks to admit students of expatriate families residing in Shantou. Families who enroll at GTIIT-AIS agree with the school vision and mission and can benefit from the types of programs offered.

Not quite ready to apply? We invite prospective families to inquire to learn more about our school.