Curriculum Overview


GTIIT-Affiliated International School offers students a strong and rigorous academic program driven by our mission and core values. At GTIIT-Affiliated International School, we nurture active thinkers, informed negotiators, and strategic communicators as we prepare our students for the future.

Our professional teaching team members at GTIIT-Affiliated International School are highly experienced and qualified in international education. During the start-up phase of the school, classes are multi-age with a designated ‘homeroom teacher’ for each class. Teachers communicate with parents via class newsletter and learning portfolios.

GTIIT-Affiliated International School’s curriculum framework is based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from the United States. Student progress and achievement is reported to parents through portfolios, progress reports and parent-teacher conferences. Report cards are issued by quarter. The academic assessments focus on students’ attainment of the adopted standards and conceptual understandings. GTIIT-Affiliated International School also assesses learner progress towards the School-wide Learner’s Goals and School Core Values using the same criteria as academic assessments.

The Common Core standards require that English Language Learners (ELLs) meet rigorous, grade level academic standards. As guiding instructional practice, we have adopted the research-based Six Key Principles for English Language Learner Instruction from Stanford University:

  1. Instruction focuses on providing ELLs with opportunities to engage in discipline-specific practices which are designed to build conceptual understanding and language competence in tandem.
  2. Instruction leverages ELLs’ home language(s), cultural assets, and prior knowledge.
  3. Instruction is standards-aligned, rigorous, grade-level appropriate, and provides deliberate and appropriate scaffolds.
  4. Instruction moves ELLs forward by taking into account their English proficiency level(s) and prior schooling experiences.
  5. Instruction fosters ELL’s autonomy by equipping them with the strategies necessary to comprehend and use language in a variety of academic settings.
  6. Diagnostic tools and formative assessment practices are employed to measure students’ content knowledge, academic language competence, and participation in disciplinary practices.

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GTIIT-AIS seeks to admit students of expatriate families residing in Shantou. Families who enroll at GTIIT-AIS agree with the school vision and mission and can benefit from the types of programs offered.

Not quite ready to apply? We invite prospective families to inquire to learn more about our school.